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Forward Express has been offering thousands of clients from all around the globe quality transportation services since 2016. We believe you want a great roadtrip that provides a friendly, authentic experience, and yet hassle free. This begins with great people with real experience, and we believe our curated staff will not fall short of your expectations. You’ll always have a local driver who knows punctuality, safe driving and customer service inside and out. We aim to not only meet your travel and transportation needs, but to provide a roadtrip where memories last a lifetime, worth #lookingforward to!

Jewel Changi Airport
Port Dickson Theme Park
National Museum of Singapore
Penang Volvo
Penang Bridge at Sunset
Cameron Highlands Flower Fair
Kota Tinggi Firefly Park
Old Willy's Jeep




Singapore. Asia's legendary metropolis! It might be your first time here, or you may be a citizen, looking for an adventure.

Whatever catches your fancy, a heritage tour, a food excursion, a breeze through the world famous sites or a combination of it all, we're here to take you through!

Guided by drivers with much to share in terms of knowledge and companionship, our roadtrip services are sure to offer pizzaz to your expedition!

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You don't need a tour, but you need more than a single trip. Save yourself the hassle and extra cost of having to book multiple cab rides. With this option, distance and dropoff is of no concern. Perfect for group dropoffs, party-goers, school trips, and other carpool rides.

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We'll whisk you seamlessly from one place to the next. We welcome special requests! Too much baggage? Bulky items? Young children? Pets? All of them? Helmed by professionals, our fully equipped and highly experienced private-hire fleet will guarantee a trip of superior comfort and ease through the bustle of the city. All you need to do is turn up.

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We know that the very first trip you take when you arrive at the airport is one that can either make or break your stay here.

Also, when you leave the country, you need a punctual vehicle that can carry you and your baggage comfortably.

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We believe in great interpersonal relationships with our existing and prospective customers. That is why, if you have any requests or queries you should not hesitate to contact us right away. We will respond to you as soon as we can!

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